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Oza’s discourse on Bhagwat Puran overflowing with emotion

By Neena Badhwar Shrimad Bhagwat Katha was being told to Sydney audience for the last eight days by respected Ramesh Bhai Oza in Minto. Thousands came to listen to the discourse which at times overwhelmed not just the audience but the story teller (kathvachak) too. His voice would break at places, love flowing through his […]

Neeru Saluja in conversation with Sister Shivani in Sydney

Neeru Saluja talks to Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani on her first tour to Australia. Watch the full interview where she tells us how to manage overthinking, stress and dependence on technology.

Thoppu-Karnam – Super Brain Yoga

By Devaki Parthasarathy I was very mischievous as a child. In school I was found standing on my seat more often than sitting on it! Now many years later as I sit and reminisce I remember the punishment I got at home… “Thoppu Karnam”. Unfortunately (and now I think, fortunately) it was daily ritual for […]

Sister Shivani energises Australia

By Neena Badhwar Sister Shivani is the flavour of the month in Australia as she zips across the country through the cities of Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart and Gold Coast. Thousands turn up to her talks. Here we are a witness to her following in Sydney when she came and talked to […]

Meditation – it’s so simple

By Dr. Rishi Jamdagni Meditation is a process that is supremely logical. It is a practice where an individual trains mind, inducing a level of consciousness that is separate from their normal state. It enables them to introspect and experience the chaos and calm within themselves. This combination of technique and physical posture, when practised […]

Like the Sun’s warmth, Yoga is everywhere

By Vijay Badhwar Nearly 100 participants stretched and breathed life into Fourth International Day of Yoga on June 24 at the Indian Consulate in Sydney. Following Yoga postures on a screen in front, produced by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, and instructed by an inspiring teacher, young and old alike practised the ancient […]

Inspiring Sister Shivani on an Australia-wide tour in the month of August

YouTube sensation and Amazon best-selling author, Sister Shivani, is coming to Australia for a national speaking tour throughout August. The India-based international speaker addresses a spectrum of topics such as self-transformation, self-empowerment, life skills, emotional and mental wellness, harmony in relationships, leadership skills and overcoming addictions. Her ability to analyse deep-rooted emotions, provide practical solutions […]

Shiva – The Cosmic Dancer

By Kanaka Ramakrishna The Worship of Shiva as ‘Mahayogi’ and ‘Pasupati’ as found in the  Indus valley civilization in the north west of India 5000 years ago, was later integrated into the early Vedic Aryan civilisation as ‘Rudra’, and later as ‘Shiva’. Though the worship of Rudra by the early Aryans started the proper foundation […]

Sleep well with the help from Vastushastra

By T. SELVA One of the biggest challenge of almost every individual is getting a quality sleep every night. Most of us go to bed but how many of us really get a decent snooze? Getting an adequate number of hours of slumber is important for our body, mind and spirit; and this regime is required […]

The Happy Pill

By Devaki Parthsarathy Many people ask me why I am so happy all the time. For a bright and chirpy “Good Morning” I receive a rather dejected, “So what’s so good about this morning?” or “Can I have the happy pill you’re on?” or “In a couple of days it will be a good morning […]

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