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Wet pitch and poor planning rob India of top Test ranking »

    By Kersi Meher-Homji Soaking pitch and outfield due to earlier heavy rains robbed India of no. 1 ranking in Test cricket. India had to win this Test in…

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Swashbuckling Sehwag awarded MCC membership »

              By Kersi Meher-Homji India’s dynamic opening batsman Virender (Viru) Sehwag was recently awarded the prestigious Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) membership. “He will be…

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New grants to assist and advise vulnerable people on workplace laws »

Guidelines for new grants to deliver advice and assistance on workplace laws to vulnerable groups in the community have been…

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If you haven’t filled Census then do it by final tomorrow the 23rd of September »

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is wrapping up the formal collection period for the 2016 Census tomorrow, Friday 23…

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Oh! what a confluence of dance, theatre, music and the sounds of pung »

Raghu 1

  By Neena Badhwar Did we achieve the confluence of two cultures – India and Australia as this Festival of…

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An evening of soulful ghazals by Avijit Sarkar and Rachana Bhatnagar »


By Manju Mittal Shaam-e-ghazal mehfil in Blacktown suburb reverberated with soulful ghazal on Saturday evening September 17, 2016, featuring renowned…

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Body Mind Spirit

Hurry and register for ‘Yoga – Science of Infinite Possibilities’ conference at Western University Campus, 1-3 October 2016 »


              A three-day International Conference presented by Vedanta Centre, Sydney and S-VYASA University of Yoga Sciences, Bengaluru, India is being held in the University of Western Sydney from October 1-3, 2016. It is part of the Festival of India being celebrated…

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The eyes have it »


By Dr Sunder Das There are many expressions in the English language, which relate to the eyes, like ‘apple of one’s eye’, ‘an eyesore’, ‘see eye to eye’, ‘give the eye’ and so on. Out of all the anatomical references current in day-to-day conversation, the…

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Sydney to celebrate International Yoga Day 2016 on June 26 »

IDY 2016-3s

                    The Consulate General of India, Sydney organized a Curtain Raiser for the International Day of Yoga 2016 today with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge providing an idyllic backdrop. Participation was drawn from several leading…

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E-Paper August-September 2016 »


Indian Down Under August-September 2016 E Paper by indiandownunder on Scribd…

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E-Paper June-July 2016 »


  Indian Down Under E paper June-July 16…

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E-Paper Feb-Mar 2016 »

E-Paper - February/March 2016

E-paper February-March 2016…

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Opinion The Union Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs and Information & Broadcasting, Shri Arun Jaitley meeting the Australian Foreign Minister, Ms. Julie Bishop, in Sydney on March 30, 2016.

Australian super funds still shy of buying Jaitley’s India story

  By Rekha Bhattacharjee As the Australian visit of India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley enters its concluding phase, a section of the media here is already lamenting the tepid reception given to him, while also doubting if he…

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Future of World Economy

By Vivek Wadhwa of Stanford Governments, businesses, and economists have all been caught off guard by the geopolitical shifts that happened with the crash of oil prices and the slowdown of China’s economy. Most believe that…

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Cometh the moment, comes Modi

              By Karam C Ramrakha Midnight, 14 August, 1947. From 12,000 kilometres away in New Delhi, Pandit Nehru’s voice defies the statics to give us, in faraway Suva, Fiji, a faltering…

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Bollywood Taapsee 5

Tapsee Pannu’s role is not as pink in the movie ‘Pink’

                  By Neeru Saluja Actress Taapsee Pannu is in the best phase of her career. Her film ‘Pink’, the social thriller starring Amitabh Bachchan is creating ripples in…

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Rituparna Sen

Tigress of Bengali cinema roars in Sydney

By Neeru Saluja Actress Rituparna Sengupta is in her finest moment of glory. As the ruthless, foul mouthed and courageous madam of the brothel caught in a crossfire during the partition of India, Rajkahani has brought…

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Meet Pammi Aunty

Meet ‘Pammi Aunty’ – the latest craze of the nation!

By Neeru Saluja She makes me ROFL and I’m sure she has the same effect on you. She is the talk of the town, the spice to the kitty parties and the muse of MIL-DIL relationships.…

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Indian News Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Robb showing-off his hockey prowess at a sports clinic during his visit to New Delhi for Australia Business Week in India.

Australian business looking at India as ‘new China’

            By Rekha Bhattacharjee Those Australians who are worried over the slowing Chinese economy may have some reasons to smile as Canberra is already working desperately to stitch up a Free…

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai in India

            It’s either the billion plus market of India or just plain connections with the mother country or perhaps to help make lives better of people living in remote villages, India…

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kersi - michael-clarke

Bitter-sweet Test farewell for Michael Clarke

                By Kersi Meher-Homji Michael Clarke started his Test career with a bang way back in 2004 in Bangalore but ended it with almost a whimper at The Oval…

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Humour tesla

The future is here with self-driving cars

            A humour piece by Melvin Durai Tesla Motors, a company that produces high-tech electric cars, recently gave owners of the Tesla Model S the opportunity to make their cars self-driving.…

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santram - aap se miliye

आप से मिलिए 

    संतराम बजाज     एक बार मैं ने आप को  कुछ  ऐसे महमानों से   मिलाया था जो जब आ जायें तो आप को अपने ही घर में अजनबी बना देते हैं, ‘मान न मान मैं…

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santram bajaj - yoga article

योग मिटाये रोग

              संत राम बजाज भारत तो क्या, पश्चिमी देशों में भी आजकल योग का प्रचार बहुत ज़ोरों पर है| और तो और पाकिस्तान में भी योगा की क्लास लग रही…

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